David - you are such a breath of fresh air compared to all the realtors out there.  So professional and easy.  I appreciate you.

Kevyn W. in Brentwood (February 2017),

We really can't thank you enough.  You were above-and-beyond helpful throughout this process and we're incredibly grateful!  If we wind up moving back to LA, expect a call to help us buy! 🙂

Noah O. in Santa Monica (August 2016),

Your professionalism and attention to detail is exceptional.  It has been a great pleasure to work with you.

Ina T. in Brentwood (August 2016),

I just wanted to say congratulations on putting the Zumirez deal together, something that neither one of us thought could happen in the beginning. I also wanted to tell you thanks for trusting me and my son to help you on this deal. I think we have had several successful deals that we have referred each other over the last few years. I wish I had more to send your way. Most important I have been in this business for close to 50 years and worked with some of the best both here in Brentwood, Sun Valley Idaho and for almost 40 years in Malibu. In all those years I have never worked with anyone has competent and easy to work with than you and your entire team. You are the captain and probably the most competent and easiest broker I have ever known. The way you handle yourself and the respect you get from some of the top advisors in the business is something you should be very proud of. I want to say again that your team which you built are nicest and most helpful that I have ever worked with. It’s no wonder you and your team are the most respected in this town. Truly a pleasure to work with you and hope we can continue for several more years.

Jim Rapf (Pritchett-Rapf Realtors) | December 2015,