Thanks so much and congratulations.  You’ve been a wonderful, wise, intelligent and patient guide and counselor through all of this.  In a way, the whole journey of meeting Steve, realizing that brentwood was likely better for us, losing a spec or two, etc - probably all added up to the right and best result.


I am sure we will still be asking to pick your brain on matters as we go forward and we look forward to having you over for a glass of champagne at No. Bristol – hopefully in 2019!

Sean B. in Brentwood (April 2017),

Yay!!!!!! David, thank you so so much for all you did to make this happen. Again, you made the process of buying a house so easy and wonderful and fun. We just love working with you.


Jennifer C. in Santa Monica Canyon (March 2017).,

David - you are such a breath of fresh air compared to all the realtors out there.  So professional and easy.  I appreciate you.

Kevyn W. in Brentwood (February 2017),

We really can't thank you enough.  You were above-and-beyond helpful throughout this process and we're incredibly grateful!  If we wind up moving back to LA, expect a call to help us buy! 🙂

Noah O. in Santa Monica (August 2016),