We made it!

Thank you all so much for your time, patience and thoughtful leadership during this process.  We have the funds as of this morning so I’m allowing myself to consider this officially closed.  🙂

We are so grateful that you worked with us and are so glad we had you as our partner as we managed through some of the inspection issues.

Again, thank you so much!

Brian W in Brentwood (August 2018),

David. You simply ROCK. You’re honestly the best in the biz

Bree T in Pacific Palisades (April 2018),


Thank you for your help in selling the house on Avondale.  We were very happy with your respectful process, the buyers you brought us and the price we sold the property for. You delivered on all the points and I would recommend you to anybody needing your services in the future.

Just wanted to note that I absolutely would have used your services for the property we are looking at in Santa Monica, but we owed someone the listing that my wife had worked with on a development project.

Thank you again!

Michael D in Brentwood Park (April 2018),

Perfect!  Thank you!


Congrats on your (7th?) award as the top selling agent for Berkshire.  That is a wild statistic.  We feel so lucky to have you as our advisor and agent.  We can see why so many people work with you.

David B in Brentwood (April 2018),