Thank you so much for all your hard work and efforts in the sale of my home on Paisley Lane. In this difficult real estate market, it was clearly beneficial to work with someone who has a hands-on approach and wide base of knowledge on the local market. Seeing so many homes sit on the market without any action I knew I made the right decision to work with you. I will miss our daily talks and updates that were so informative and always kept me abreast as to what was going on with each potential buyer. I knew you guys were 100% on my side throughout the entire process while always giving me an honest assessment of the market and overall transaction process.

Richard R. in Brentwood (January 2008),

Thanks to you, David & Lauren this transaction was handled with professionalism and class from day one.

As you know this is a very difficult and emotional time for my daughter, Ashley and for me.

Your patience, advice and support helped us through this.

We will need more of the same as we adjust to our new surroundings at Colby.

Knowing you and your competent staff are there for us is very reassuring.

Jeff in Santa Monica (December 2007),

We just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate everything that you have done for us to date. We truly trust you and feel lucky to have you represent us. Thanks again.

Jenny & Ken in Santa Monica (November 2007),

Like I told you before, we really couldn't have done this without you and your team. Obviously buying a home is always stressful, but especially in this climate, I think it was even more amplified! However, we truly felt comfortable moving forward knowing you were leading us. We've actually decided to relieve some of the stress of planning by moving into the home for the next few months so we get to know it, and can take all the time we need to plan. Then we'll probably move out during construction (maybe to my parents). If the offer still stands, I might throw some ideas/questions your way since you have so much experience!

Marissa & Brian in Santa Monica (September 2007),