We made it!

Thank you all so much for your time, patience and thoughtful leadership during this process.  We have the funds as of this morning so I’m allowing myself to consider this officially closed.  🙂

We are so grateful that you worked with us and are so glad we had you as our partner as we managed through some of the inspection issues.

Again, thank you so much!

Brian W in Brentwood (August 2018),

I’ll miss you David!  You are a wonderful fellow!  Thank you is not enough to say to show my appreciation for having you be involved with us.

Warm wishes,



Good news. You’ve made Janet very happy, and me too. And you can count me in on her feelings for you. You and your team are the best in the business.


Janet and Walter H in Brentwood (February 2018),


Just wanted to convey to you that I thoroughly enjoyed working with you on this transaction.

My sincere thanks for your wisdom, patience and overall positive energy. You really are the consummate professional.

Be well, and let's stay in touch.

Ron D. in Brentwood (January 2018),

You were great to work with because your honest and hardworking. Two traits which we highly valued.

Love to buy you a coffee or more if ever you can brave the flight south.

Matt R. in Santa Monica Canyon (October 2017),