It’s been terrific working with you. Your help and counsel…and patience…is greatly appreciated. We were lucky to have you on our team!

Spencer N. in Beverly Hills (July 2015),

Team Roxbury, Spence and I just wanted to thank you all for everything you have done to make Roxbury happen. There is no doubt in our minds that we would have had a chance without your help! You have all been unbelievable, every step of the way. Thank you again!

Mieke N. in Beverly Hills (July 2015),

David and team- you have been truly wonderful throughout this process, keeping our interests in mind at all times and representing us in the finest way possible. All of your work and kindness - we are ever grateful. -Janet


I would like to echo Janet's Compliments to you and your wonderful staff for making this as painless as possible for us all. Your professional team did a fantastic job in communicating with us every step of the way. Because I am doing another escrow at the same time, one immediately notices the difference between the pros like yourselves, and the "also rans" that are rank amateurs, with no business in a service business. -Tony

Janet and Tony G. in Santa Monica (June 2015),

You will never know how much we treasure knowing you…it is going on twenty years (shortly) and though we are challenging, we deeply appreciate your patience and understanding of our journey.

Thank you so much again for finding our match…we are so looking forward to growing older in that house… 🙂

Margaret & Peter in Brentwood (May 2015),